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Flying Maple

Isolde-Kurz-Gymnasium Reutlingen
Bismarckstraße 55
72764 Reutlingen


Dr. M. Komma



The Isolde Kurz Gymnasium is one of the four schools which have been selected to take part in the Mobiles Klassenzimmer- ("Mobile Classroom") project.

This means that maths lessons are taught using laptops and the computer algebra system "Maple".

The project is especially far advanced at our school, work is exchanged over the local school network and the Internet using a data base, which can also monitor the continuous workflow.

The consistent application of new technologies has caused the need for the curriculum to be redesigned, and for a completely new system of examination to be developed. These are both being worked upon our school.

Our presence in the Internet has brought us into contact with Prof. Dr. Schmidt of the Wilfried Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada as well as the software firm Waterloo Maple, and both have invited us to Canada.

We hope to build upon our Internet relationship by organising a school trip to Canada for year twelve. The financial level usually available for our school trips will be clearly exceeded by this visit, but with outside backing we hope to raise the necessary extra funds.

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Please contact: Hermann Kurz, Dr. Michael Komma


Institutions supporting our project:

Ministerium für Kultus und Sport

Initiative Schulen ans Netz


Our program:

Period of the visit: First and second weeks in June 1998

Participants: The Mobile Classroom (27 pupils)

Accompanied by: Dr. Komma, Herr Kurz (English and travel), Herr Schlipphak, Herr Becker (parent representative)


Content and preparation:

Technology: (Komma and pupils) A presentation of maths with a laptop and the Maple Algebra System. Telelearning.

There is already a vast amount of material available in the WWW from the last school year, which is constantly up-dated:

In Canada (at a school and at Waterloo Maple): Maths lessons in English, school presentations in English: bilingual lessons.

Language, country and people: (Kurz, Komma (seminar course), and other course teachers, pupils) pupils’ pages on the WWW (these are already available in part - addresses will be constantly updated: English). Presentation of home (Multimedia), a chosen section from the actual lesson, (there are many curriculum connections). Email contact with pupils from the partner school (at the Isolde Kurz all participating pupils have their own email addresses).


 Dr. M. Komma